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Baby, I'm Amazed by You!

I can't believe it's happening. It's actually happening! I'm getting married!!!!

My whole life, my whole identity, everything will change in a matter of days!

I sit back and I think about it all. It was one year ago yesterday that Taylor asked me to be his wife. One year ago that he presented this beautiful ring to me, and asked me to take that journey with him.

Wow! Sometimes it takes my breath away.

I'm so overjoyed!

Although my friend Becky brought up a very valid point. She said "Well, when you come back from your wedding you won't have anything to plan."

I've been thinking about that. It'll be weird and funny at the same time. What the heck am I gonna do with myself? LOL! I'm sure for a while I'll be bored out of my skull and maybe even a little depressed that it's all over with.

But then, I will stop and think and remember all the wonderful memories of my special day with my heart, my soul, my sweet baby boy! :*o)

And lastly... only a few more days of this:
~*~* 4 MORE DAYS!!! *~*~
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